Ramen v1.0

I started this project as a tiny game like Frogger. The original idea was to have a character that you would path across various dangers, e.g. dogs, cars, and the like. I knew I was making it in 3D and the first design utilized a birds-eye view of the map. Then, I had the thought, "What if, instead of guiding the character through danger from the sky, you were right there on the ground with them escorting them across?" That was the birth of this game. I knew I was making a game that involved a shooting mechanic but I never intended on making a "shooter". Ramen is about planning, timing, and resource management. My goal as a designer these days is to deliver strategy games wrapped in an action package. 

The  strategy in Ramen is based around what types of enemies happen to spawn on the map, what types of obstacles spawn on the map, what types of special zones spawn on the map, and how best to chart Ramen's path through the danger and what weapons need to be purchased at the start of the match to ultimately ensure victory. To me, it's important that players get a chance to engage their thinking caps every time they play one of my games. Plenty of people make plenty of games with the express goal of being as mindless as possible. I might have to build some of those games myself to participate in the market trend but I do so with reluctance. Ramen, for the most part, is the game I envisioned after that initial development cycle. It is sometimes hectic, sometimes calm, and I tried to offer a somewhat unique game experience for replayability. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for playing. 

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